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You will enjoy all access of our service with subscription plan by month. You will have on limit storage, free package optimize service and special discount! Now all our members are using our VIP service by signing up subscription program. If you need more price information about the membership, Follow this link.

Korea Forwarding Service Provider Business Area, We offer a Korea address and powerful tools for All your Korean shopping!
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Fast Shipping Service

Shop top brands and great deals only available from Korea stores. Simply enter your Korea address at checkout, and your purchases will be shipped to your country

Packaging Optimization

You can save a lot on shipping cost when you consolidate your items into a single shipment or repack items more efficiently into smaller shipment

Personal Shopper

70% of Korea online stores do not accept international payments. If you are unfamiliar with shopping in Korea. this is best option to shop K-items

All about the K-Shopping!

Why Choose

Since 2019, We make it easy for you to shop&ship and do business in Korea. KR2me provides access to thousands of Korea stores and manufacturers with all you need. Our members have over 10 years of experience in online retail business in Korea, not only by providing service to our customers but also operating our own online stores in all the major Korea market place such as Naver, 11st, G-market etc. Our Team has hundreds of hours of experience in online retails, global shipping and we are confident that we can also help you want to do in Korea.

Global Shipping ships to more than 100 countries and territories

Easy Pay

We accept the Paypal, Payoneer without additional fee

Real Address

We offer you a real street address in Seoul, Korea

Pay less, Buy more

We help to find rock-bottom price of the items

Frequently Asked Questions

Most FAQs and answers

To find your Korea address, sign in to your account first. And you can find your Korea address this link :

Enter your Korea address as the “Shipping Address(배송주소)” as shown below, whenever you buy from Korea online stores.

Name: Your Name
Address : Your Korean Address
P.O: 00000

To find your Korea address, sign in to your account, Please check your mail again. You may also be asked for a “billing address” when paying online retailers. Use the home country address associated with your credit card. Please check this link to check your Korea address.

Yes. Once you receive your membership confirmation, you are ready to start using our all services! 

Please ensure all your shipments include the address of your own Korea address. Any packages shipped to us with an incomplete or inaccurate address will be delayed. Packages requiring review for incomplete or incorrect addresses may incur special handling fee.

As often as you like. Our Mail Manager gives you complete control. You may choose a Monthly or Weekly frequency. Or you may request shipments on a need basis.

Yes! This is probably the most popular feature of your account. When buying online, by phone, or by catalog simply use your Korea address as your shipping address. This will allow you to access products, promotions, and process otherwise available only to Korea residents.

Yes. We cannot accept these items as follows.

Animal Products
Cigarette, Cigarette products
Gas, radioactive substance, fire extinguisher, spray
Flammable products

More Details? Please check our Terms and conditions.  

Every Normal Members have 3-weeks Free storage(21 days) since the date of issued of your quote(invoice). We don’t count the unit or calculate your storage fee until the end of your free storage – it means we don’t care when the each items(unit) be stored during your free storage period. We charge the storage fee for the space your inventory occupies in our warehouse from the end of free storage.

VIP Members can have extra dates when the member give up the VIP membership, but it can not be extended 3 weeks since the beginning of each batch.

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Ready to K-Shopping? ships to more than 100 countries and territories, with happy members around the world – from China, Japan, Vietnam and Thailand to Canada, US, Europe, Mid-asia and beyond!