Duty Free Shopping in Korea You can shop all the duty-free items at your home

COVID-19 take away the duty-free shopping chance from us. But I don’t believe that you don’t want to pay full amount to buy same item with normal price. So we, KR2me, are here to bring your duty free shopping back. Our DFS services and till-less payment systems are going to play a big part in the duty free shop from now on.

Duty Free Shopping Service

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Where Can I shop?

Please You can shop your duty-free items from these online malls at your home. Just make sure your shopping cart should be 600USD to maximize your discount. The service charge is 150USD(fixed rates) per order.

KR2me's DFS Service Request Form

Please give me the detailed information. We only need the screen capture to check the items!

KR2me DFS Service All about your
Duty-Free Shopping

KR2me’s DFS service will give you a chance to buy the best deal in Korea. Why don’t you buy your beauty items without tax in Korea to maximize your discount rates? Start with us now:)

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