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KR2me offer free Korea address to shop in Korea and big discount for your shipping cost up to 70% on international shipping by using KR2me’s remarkable service!

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Enjoy our convenient international shipping services at discounted rates and have your order delivered at your doorstep!

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Shop Korea items online or offline with your Korea address


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We will check and optimize your package for International Shipping

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You can receive your items at your home via
EMS or DHL with lower price in Korea

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Useful Tips for Shopping in Korea is experts at maximizing members’ savings. Our package consolidation combines multiple packages into one, saving our members hundreds on international shipping charges.
Click on each tab to learn tips that make shopping Korea easier.

Personal Shopper Service

We help customers who have difficulty in purchasing item from Korea stores.

package consolidation

Package Consilidation

You can save a lot on shipping when you consolidate your items into a single shipment.

Package Repacking

We open your item and repack them more efficiently into smaller and lighter shipments.

Dimensional Weight

The weight may affect its cost, shipping is the larger actual or dimensional weight.

The Information You Should Be Aware Of

Most of Korea online retailers don’t take the Paypal or international card.
So you should use the payment proxy or personal shopper service but you can manage and use your own account with KR2me’s buy and pay service.
Please follow the instruction how to join and use this service.

KRW Transfer Service

Why don’t you use your own account to take the rewards from the retailers. Sometimes they give you a special discount coupon when you sign up and check out your first item with your own account.

Do you need help? Try Our Personal Shopper Service

useful tips for shipping

We are THE experts at maximizing members’ savings. Our package consolidation combines multiple packages into one, saving our members millions on shipping costs.

Y.H Kim


Perfect for K-Shoppers Personal Shopper Service

While you relax with a computer or mobile phone at your home, your personal shopper compiles an initial selection for you – completely in line with your personal taste, your wishes and in keeping with the occasion. We will offer the best deal for the items in Korea. All you need to do is just let us know what you want to buy.

You can shop all the duty-free items at your home

Duty Free Shopping in Korea

COVID-19 take away the duty-free shopping chance from us. But I don’t believe that you don’t want to pay full amount to buy same item with normal price. So we, KR2me, are here to bring your duty free shopping back. Our DFS services and till-less payment systems are going to play a big part in the duty free shop from now on.

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