[{KR2me.com}] New payment invoice (KRINV-03003) – July 24, 2020

New payment invoice

Hi Admin,

You have received payment invoice from Mercedes Jinez.

Invoice Details

Invoice Number KRINV-03003
Invoice Status Paid
Payment Method PayPal Standard
Invoice Date July 24, 2020
Total Amount $252.50


Item Name Item Price Qty Item Total
Package Repacking $1.00 5 $5.00
Packing List(Invoice) by the law of PERU $4.00 1 $4.00
Package Consolidation(7 boxes into 5) $7.00 1 $7.00
International Shipping(39kg Total – Surface mail to PERU without insurance) with the fee $47.30 5 $236.50

Billing Details

Name Mercedes Jinez
Email haelay20@gmail.com
Address Mercedes Jinez

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