[KR2me.com] Your invoice from July 24, 2020 – ADMIN BCC COPY

Your invoice KRINV-03014 details

Hi Maria Angela Banaria,

An invoice has been created for you on . To view / pay for this invoice please use the following link: View / Pay

Invoice Details

Invoice Number KRINV-03014
Invoice Status Pending Payment
Invoice Date July 24, 2020
Due Date July 24, 2020
Total Amount $1.00


Item Name Item Price Qty Item Total
Package Repacking $1.00 1 $1.00

Billing Details

Name Maria Angela Banaria
Email angelabani@gmail.com
Address Maria Angela Banaria
South Korea

Invoice Notes

  1. July 24, 2020 at 9:19 pm

    1. Your package has been stored – Keyring, Moon Jung up PhotoCard, Moon Jung up Photo, Album / Tracking #4177-9108-4675

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