Where&How to Buy

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The Information You Should Be Aware Of

Most of Korea online retailers don’t take the Paypal or international card.
So you should use the payment proxy or personal shopper service but you can manage and use your own account with KR2me’s buy and pay service.
Please follow the instruction how to join and use this service.

Online Shopping

You can shop whatever you want with KR2me’s address and phone number.
Please check out with bank transfer option.

Submit the Form

Please note your payment information(Bank name and account number) and fill up the form on our website.

Paypal to KRW Account

After we check your payment, the fund will release to the seller’s account in Korean Won in 1-6hours.

No Fees and Delays

KRW Transfer Service

Why don’t you use your own account to take the rewards from the retailers. Sometimes they give you a special discount coupon when you sign up and check out your first item with your own account.

Where can I shop?

Click on the online stores below to find your own items. And These, of course, are only small parts of it all K-shopping items, You can shop everything in Korea whatever you want.
But do not buy bulky item which exceed 180cm of its dimension(W+D+H).


When you need Korean Electronic goods, Danawa.com

This is the best price comparison site on computer category in Korea.
You can find best deal not only for the computers and electronic goods such as LG, Samsung. 

When you need Korean Beauty Items,

This is the best multivendor site on the beauty category in Korea.
You can find best deal not only for the beauty, foods and health care items. FYI, They offer a global channel for international shoppers, but the Korean sites will be cheaper than the global site.

When you need Korean Foods Items,

This is the best online supermarket on the food category in Korea.
You can find best deal not only for the Ramens, snacks and Sanitary Pad items. FYI, They offer a English site for you, and normally the delivery will be finished in a day from the offline stores.

When you need a Women's Clothing

This is the best price comparison site on the women’s clothing in Korea.
You can compare all shopping sites on a page. FYI, This sites offer the top 100 page to get an insight of trend in Korea. Please visit if you want to import the Korean items.