Shipping and Dimensional Weight

How to calculate the Dimensional weight

How to calculate Shipping Weight

Dimensional Weight Explained by KR2me

The shipping weight of your packages and shipments not only depends on their actual weight but also the dimensions

Keep dimensional weight in mind

The shipping fee applies the greater of
the Actual Weight and the Volume Weight

The dimensions of your shipment may affect its cost, shipping weight is the larger of actual or dimensional weight. This is specially true for relatively light and larger items.

In order to determine the DIM Weight of your package we use the formula below:

* Dim Weight(kg) = Length (cm) X Width (cm) X Height (cm) / 5000

e.g. When you order 55-inch Samsung TV

Actual weight: 18 kg
Volume weight: 125 x 90 x 10 / 5000 = 22.5 kg
Shipping cost will be determined based on volumetric weight of 23 kg

Useful tip on how to save your shipping fee

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useful tips for shipping

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