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Shopper's guide to save your wallet

3 options to cut your shipping rate

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2+ packages rolled into 1

Package Consolidation

Consolidate Your Items

You can save a lot on shipping when you consolidate your items into a single shipment. Whenever possible, wait until all your items are received and then request your shipment. It will be worth the wait and your wallet will be happy.

e.g. When you order T-shirt, facial creme, Baby clothes from 3 different shopping sites, you may pay 100 USD for shipping. However you can save 50% shipping by combining these 3 packages with

Remove Overpackaging

Package Repacking

Request Repacking

When you request shipment repacking you are requesting that we open your items and repack them more efficiently into smaller and lighter shipments.

e.g. Some local sellers overpackage their items because they want to safely transport their products. It means you may pay more just because of packaging. We will help you to reduce the shipping cost by repacking your package

Discounted Carrier Rates

Discounted KR2me International Rates

Request Repacking

We works closely with our long-term partnerships with global carriers, members receive great rate, fast delivery times and the best shipping solutions. Combine our great shipping rates with the power of package consolidation, and members can save up to 70% on international shipping!

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* Please remind when you apply to ship requests made after 6pm KST on Fridays, or on holidays. Shipments that may require additional time include those containing items under review or hazardous materials, oversized packages or where additional export documentation is required.
* Custom duties, taxes or fees are not included and are the responsibility of recipient. Final rate will be calculated based on the actual shipment specifics.


We give our customers access to hundreds of Korea online stores and take the worry out of international shipping.

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