Good to know before you use Package Forwarding Proxys
in Korea

Korea package forwarding service to link between K-shopping channel and overseas customers. Most of all proxy offer a P.O box, forwarding service and personal shopper service for customers around the world. But there are huge difference the price and the method of the packing by companies.

Forwarding Proxy

Case #1 Box in Box Packing

Some forwarders in Korea offer the repacking service by putting the original packages and boxes into bigger box. The customer of these companies may pay more due to calculate by volume weight. According to internal research, you can save up 40% of your shipping cost by using repacking after unpack your all items with care.

Case #2 Ship out One by One

Some proxys in Korea offer the forwarding service without consolidation. They just dispatch your package one by one without repack for international shipping. As all we know, the international shipping is suffer from the harsh treatment. So proper packing and consolidation will be needed to secure your shipment.

Forwarding one by one
KR2me Korea Forwarding Service

The service you are looking for

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