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TOP 5 Items You Can Only Buy in South Korea

5 Best Items Only in Korea

In a world more globalized than ever before, all items can be purchased at any places. However some items are still remains local market as a souvenir. And if you can find your local market such items, you will be surprised to check the price is so cheap. Here’s our suggestions of the best 5 to buy only in South Korea.

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By Y.H Kim

1. K-Pop / K-Drama Paraphernalia

If you are fans of K-pop (or K-drama), there’s no better place to search on The Korean Wave(한류) paraphernalia than South Korea. Just about anything—from photo card and keyring to t-shirts and even candy —features the faces of the country’s most celebrated idols.

“I was really surprised when BTS-inspired consumer goods were sold out with in 5 min. All collaboration items such as Starbucks, Fila and even Hyundai, are sold out very quickly. That’s why we deem BTS as ‘Sold Out Stars’ “

2. Adorable Korean Socks

Korea sock design is very unique like no one else. Featuring funky themes, sayings, ramen noodle brands and even the faces of public figures, Korean socks are as varied and creative as one could imagine.


3. K-beauty Products

In recent years, K-beauty items become all the rage in just about every corner of the world. Both women and men around the world have shifted their interest and preferences toward Korean skin care and makeup products. From sheet masks and BB cream to cleansing products and hand lotions, South Korea has some of the best beauty item on the market.

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4. Korean Traditional Paper Artwork

Hanji, or traditional handmade Korean paper, is made from the bark of the mulberry tree and was historically used to cover the doors and windows of a house to keep it warm. Today, it’s a popular material for making paper dolls, table lamps, stationery and even clothes.


5. Hanbok

If you have watched a Netflix movie “Kingdom”, Netflix‘s first original Korean series, you may know the hanbok, the traditional attire of the Korean people, remains an important icon, and is still wear on special occasions and holidays. In recent years, specialty designers have made classic motifs wearable with designs that render traditional patterns and structures around the world.


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